Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Weekend-Hello Monday

Had a great weekend at the houseboat. Although Friday night when we got there late (11:00 ish) after the football game we discovered that our breaker had been blown/shut off. So EVERYTHING in our freezer and fridge was rotten. We figure it had been off most of the week since the sausage packages I had in the freezer had blown out. We lost bacon wrapped filets, shrimp, deer sausage, and much more other stuff. I wanted to cry but what do you do? Nothing except clean it up and move on. Thank you big to Bruce for doing the majority of the cleaning and such as I tend to gag pretty easy at smelly old meat and such in the freezer or anywhere! He did a great job. And since we had to pitch everything we got to go have breakfast together Saturday morning. We don't do that very often. And then Sunday we celebrated Jr's 82nd birthday with a little brunch on the dock. All in all it was a great weekend. Not looking forward to another Monday but definitely think I will sleep good tonight. Have a great week all!!!!

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