Monday, August 8, 2011

Ava's Evening At Grandma's

So I stayed home from the houseboat for the weekend to get some much needed deep cleaning and stuff done around home that lets face it just doesn't get done by Kyle and Ty on the weekends. Also took them shopping Saturday to get ready for the college and HS new year. Oh and got the joy of getting to watch little Ava for a few hours Saturday night while Cole and Ashley went out to dinner and did a little shopping. Lets just say that I had her during her regular fussy evening time. We did get a stroller ride in before that but I felt so bad that I could only make her happy for a little while and she fussed most of the time. I felt a little better when they got back and I told Ashley how bad I felt but she said it was normal and Ava didn't quit the fussing when Mom & Dad showed up. I felt okay then about it. Cole bought her a new vibrating swing that is easier to transport to our house (or whoever might babysit) than the regular normal size swing we bought her when she was born. Lets just say thank goodness I read directions because Cole is a typical Odneal guy that thinks you don't need to do that. We got it together and Ava liked it. Although I think her Momma had her to sleep when we put her in it. It was fun spending a much needed weekend at home and my house was cleaned top to bottom and the garden weeded. Looking forward to seeing the houseboat this weekend even though it isn't fixed and running yet. Hopefully Bruce will get it done this weekend! Did I mention everything is for sale for a price. This has not been our year for the turn key start boat that we have. Happy Tuesday!

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