Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Foto

Last night Kyle and I kidnapped (well we told her Dad we were taking her!) Ava when we stopped and brought her home with us. She was a complete angel and loved watching football with Grandpa, Kyle, and Tyler. I had her laughing and talking quite a lot but of course every time I'd grab the camera she wouldn't cooperate. This is kind of a smile and the best I could do. We've decided that she gets held most of the time and as long as we do that she is good as gold. We will have to change that when at our house though because I usually have a ton of things to get done and cannot quite manage doing it all with her in my arms. We will work on that each time she is over. She now has a Bumbo chair at our house also so we will try that next time we watch her. And Bruce I think now realizes not to ask me how much something costs that I pick up for Ava. Some things are just better you don't know believe me! Everyone have a great weekend and all I can say today is.......Are you ready for some WV football? We are! Go Warriors! Should be an exciting season to watch.
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Ashley O. said...

Love it! Little stinker!