Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy 2nd Anniversary Ashley and Cole. I at least wanted to put a shout out to them on their actual day (night) since the "bad" Mom and MIL didn't think of it until Cole and Ava visited tonight and Ash called Cole. Yep I'm usually up on all of that. Oh well. They will have plenty more. I'm just happy that I could provide them a somewhat gourmet (okay just one of my regular suppers-grilled thin boneless marinated pork chops, garlic red skinned mashed potatoes, rotini salad with peppers from my garden and tomatoes, fresh green beans (also from the garden sauteed with deer bacon and onions), and garlic bread. Oh and fresh sliced Kiwi. Yep I think they did okay and Ava was an angel while they ate. Grandma even got to put her down and grab a plate. Anyway Happy Anniversary to our son Cole and his wife Ashley. May you have a hundred more. And if you put up with him for that long Ash you are a saint for sure. Love you guys! Can't wait to have Ava some this weekend!  She is precious. You done good kids!!!!!!
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