Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday Foto

Yep she is the light of our lives. She was grumpy last night here somewhat, and tired and staring at all of my "crap" on top of the cabinets. Boy does she love being held! Anyway she is precious and I can't imagine life before her. Okay that is a lie. It was peaceful and uneventful always at our house. Oh yeah unless your Dad was visiting Ava . He ALWAYS makes an entrance! So this is how Ava was Wednesday night in my kitchen and tonight my kitchen was football watching, chicken taco eating, bonding family us. Looking forward to the weekend since I haven't seen the houseboat for two weeks. That doesn't usually happen unless there is a wedding we have to attend but it did and my house thanks me greatly. My heart feels good tonight and back where it needed to be. Long story but as usual great ending. Everyone have a great weekend and looking forward to getting some fun pictures this weekend to share. Haven't done much of that this year on the sandbar. With any luck our Nuk N Futz will be heading out to the beach by 6:00 Friday night. Okay that might be asking too much. Be safe and have fun all! Bruce do you have the boat fixed already?????????..........just kidding!
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Ashley O. said...

Soo cute! I can post on your blog, but still can't on my friends..wierd. Maybe she has has a restriction on hers or something.