Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday

Here is Ashley at 20 weeks give or take a few days. Sharon thinks she is having twins and I have to admit she has definitely popped the last couple weeks. She has her ultrasound on Wednesday and I cannot wait. Yep I got invited to join in and see it. So excited. This has made my week seem so awesome. I am taking the afternoon off and maybe going to do some baby shopping once we know the sex. Everyone thinks that I want a girl, but I KNOW boys much better. Never had a girl myself so think I will do and be much better as the "cool young grandma" of a boy. He will think this grandma rocks when I am throwing the football and/or baseball to him! Or if it is a girl she will not be lacking "barbies". Remember that I played with them until I was 13 just never let anyone else know that I did! Have a great week all!
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Sharon Madsen said...

It just doesn't matter -does it! Baby will be spoiled by all....... good job on pics - I don't think I'm a maternity photog.