Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Month For Me

I love it that when Kyle comes home on the weekend and these two romp around the living room and have fun wrestling each other. Usually it doesn't involve any blood and they do it without anyone getting hurt too bad. I snapped these pics sometime in the last month. We have been busy with Ty's basketball and just other stuff during the week. Has not been a lot of "blog worthy" news or stuff to write about at all. And January is a busy month for me at work for a change with year end stuff. And so there are my reasons for the lack of posts lately. Sorry Mom & Dad O. since I know you look forward to them no matter how boring they might be. I have some pictures on my little camera but haven't taken the time to upload them. I will try this weekend to get some posts done ahead of time for next week. Sounds like we have a heat wave coming the next couple days. Supposed to actually be in the mid 30's. Woohoo!!!!

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