Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Wrapping Helpers

I haven't been doing a new blog post this week for a few reasons. Lack of content to write about, very busy this week, and I left my camera in Helen's vehicle when they dropped us off at home Sunday evening. Yep me the "always snapping pictures" tourist looking gal didn't grab my camera. And Louie & Bruce unloaded everything, so apparently noone did a double look see of the back seat and not only my camera got left, but also my new covered cake pan with some Bebe bars left in it, my leather gloves, and I think that might be all. So we had a great weekend in Waukon and Lansing, but I haven't had time to pick up my stuff yet so don't have any photos to post of the good times. SOOO in the meantime since I see from my blog visitors that my posts may be missed, I am posting some photos of my wrapping helpers of Christmas presents. Taylor was a lifesaver after my Saturday shopping, and look even Gizmo & Gadget tried to be helpful! Actually they were both a pain the the ass but Taylor did a great job! I was wishing that she was at our house again Sunday night to help wrap after Tyler and I got done shopping. I think next year everyone just gets presents in gift bags unwrapped. Just kidding! I'm as big of a kid as the rest. I want them wrapped and all pretty so I can shake them and try to guess what mine are. Hoping you all have a great 2011. I know that I am looking forward to many things this year. And right now at the top of the list with this cold is SPRING!
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