Saturday, January 1, 2011

Newest Addition To The Household

Its name is Tank. Bruce calls it "Lunch" because he believes one of the cats will end up eating it. It was Kyle's goldfish at his house but he brought it home yesterday as he has been staying here and noone to take care of it there. I said that I would keep it and try to not kill it. The only question might be when Gizmo or Gadget might kill it. Gizmo got scolded tonight as she was at the fishbowl and knocked something off of the counter. Bruce caught her and scolded her. She hid for awhile but I'm betting it will not be the last time she is messing with Tank. Hopefully it never becomes her "LUNCH"! Happy New Year everyone!
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Team Odneal said...

LOL! LOVE the "no fishing" sign :)