Monday, January 17, 2011

First Road Trip Of 2011

So took our first road trip of the year with Helen & Louie on our way to the houseboater's brunch weekend. We stopped at a little "dive" and had lunch on the way to Waukon. Actually the food and drinks were excellent and very inexpensive so I'm not sure you could call it a dive. But you may have trouble finding it as it is out in the middle of nowhere pretty much. I think Bruce and Louie mapquested it so that we had a good idea where we were heading, but it really could be missed very easily. I think they rely on locals mostly. We left a note for some fellow houseboater's that frequent the place. I'm thinking they will be shocked that we stopped there first of all, and the fact that we left them a personal note just might make their day. I bet they are looking forward to spring time and another houseboating season just as we are. Now that I have my camera back I will share some pictures from the brunch this week. Everyone have a great Monday and week! I'm hoping the temperatures turn around because it is SO COOOLLLLDDDD! Sounds like we have it for a bit though! Stay warm!
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