Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Houseboater's Brunch Weekend

So we had the annual "houseboater's brunch" last weekend and went on a roadtrip with Helen & Louie to stay in Waukon with our great friends Kevin and Ann (pictures of that to follow this week of course), and these are really the only pictures that I got at the brunch. I guess I was way too busy chatting with everyone (well I obviously missed talking to some (Natalie)) so I did not snap many photos like usual and Natalie didn't give out awards or a speech this year so there really wasn't much to snap.
I did think it was really funny however that our table got labeled the "naughty kids table". We sat up top because there just wasn't enough room down for our group of 8 to sit together. And I honestly don't think there was enough room even if we didn't. But seriously the naughty kids table? The youngest (me) is 42 and I believe the oldest (Helen) will be 60 on her next birthday. Maybe they just should have called us the rebel fun houseboater's table and disregarded our age entirely because I am pretty sure that age is just a number when all of us are together every weekend! We really don't care how old anyone is and choose instead to just have a great time together as great friends enjoying each other with every single weekend that we have to enjoy on our houseboats. Here is to winter going fast this year and seeing all of these people early in April to open up our summer second homes and celebrating friendships that I never imagined were possible!
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