Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Good Project Done

My washer took a crap about a week before Christmas. We had just spent a small fortune last summer to have it worked on so decided it was time for a new set. I don't like the front load so Ty and I picked out this set. In about 15 minutes because my laundry room is small and the space that they needed to fit is only 53 1/2 inches along the wall that they go on. This was the ONLY set that the guy measured and said would work. To my benefit it was the one featured in their ad that day and on sale. So it was time to get the laundry room painted and Bruce even finally trimmed everything out (we've only been in this house 12 years now). My washer got delivered before Christmas, and the dryer came on Thursday before New Years. Lets just say that Bruce got them to fit but had to do so on the floor with his feet pushing the washer into place. The very helpful salesman that sold these to us measured them both on the top across! I learned from my husband that that is NOT where you measure to see if something will fit in a space only so big! So the "very informative and helpful" salesman (according to Ty the day we bought them) needs to go back to Lowe's appliance school and not tell people something will fit when it won't! Needless to say the set goes with the house when we put it up for sale in 3 years rather the new owners want them or not. We are NOT taking them out ever again! But on a good note, even though my laundry room is small I love the new set and am constantly looking for dirty laundry to take care of. Like I needed something else to fuel my OCD? Oh well. We have lots of clean clothes at our house now all of the time, and I love being in my laundry room. Good thing there isn't room for a chair and TV!
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Sharon Madsen said...

oohhh - looks pretty - Don't let Helen in this room tho.