Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TJ Hunters Dinner At The River

The weekend that we helped Louie & Helen with their ceiling and moved the boats, we also went up town Lansing to eat at TJ's and it was awesome. My camera batteries died so I didn't get all the pictures that I wanted, but here are a few that I snapped at the restaurant. The food was good as ALWAYS, and we are just glad that the houseboating season has begun and we have a nice place to go to for dinner when we are preparing our boats for the season, and when we just don't feel like cooking during the season. We are glad that Lansing welcomed us all back as usual. Cannot wait for the summer temperatures to arrive so that we can get rid of all these sweatshirts! Isn't it bikini season soon?????????? Okay, not so much for most of us. But at least it should be t-shirt and short weather soon, right? RIGHT??????
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