Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Oh-Dee-Jo

The guys (Bruce, Louie, and Ray) moved Mom & Dad O's boat today to their slip and set up most of the outside grass area decorations for them. It was a beautiful weekend in Lansing and we were all very happy to get back to our slips at the marina this morning. Bruce and Louie weren't going to tell Mom & Dad that they moved their boat, but I insisted they let them know so that they wouldn't worry about getting it done themselves. As it turns out they were very happy to know that their boat is in its spot, and they can just come up to the river for the first time and enjoy not having to trouble with hooking everything up and moving it. I will say though that Bruce didn't bring it in quite as fast as Jr does so we didn't have to shove it away from the dock when he got close! Yahoo to another year of houseboating!
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