Friday, April 23, 2010

My Birthday

So today was my birthday. My 42nd birthday. Just another day as far as I was concerned. Our family doesn't make big deals out of birthdays usually. Just the way that we are. Of course when the kids were little and such it was a big deal. But now, well, just not so much. At work today my friend Julie called to see what I was up to and to wish me a happy birthday. Then later she called while I was filling up my car and told me to meet her in Dewar at Kathy's for a birthday drink. Well, I hadn't seen Julie or Kathy for quite a while so how could I refuse? When we walked in our friend Carol Wermy was there so we chatted with her for a while and I got my free b-day drink from Kathy. I then said that I needed to leave and visit my SIL Helen as I had talked to her earlier also and told her I'd stop by after Dewar. So Carol & Julie went on their way to G'ville and I headed to Louie & Helen's. My oldest brother Dave called me on my way to Helen's with my other brother Bart yelling to me in the background. I made them both feel very old when I told them I was 42! Anyways, onto Louie & Helen's.....visited with them for a while, and then decided Bruce was probably going crazy wondering what the heck I was doing after work for so long. He thought I was getting groceries and such like a normal afternoon! So I headed home and Taylor, Kyle, Bruce, and Ty were all there. Taylor had gotten me a birthday cake (very unnecessary but loved and appreciated and YUMMY). So I got changed after I got home and we all went to Applebee's for dinner. Noone really appreciated that I had my camera with me so I only got a couple pictures while there. Ty obviously protested. Why do teenagers hate cameras only when it is their Mother's? I see plenty of snapshots that they definitely "pose" for on Facebook! Anyway, I guess this is what 42 looks like. Click on the picture to enlarge it to see those wrinkles. Or Taylor's pretty cake that she got me for that matter. You know what? With a family and significant others like I have I don't think I can complain. Life is good and I love every one of you that are a part of it everyday! Everyone have a great Saturday! And weekend for that matter!

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