Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ty Haircut-April Fools (He Might Wish)

Tyler waited until later tonight to ask for a haircut (as usual) and I told him I was too busy getting stuff ready to head to the river tomorrow night after his track meet. Well, he said he would help me do ANYTHING if I would give him a haircut. Actually we can't really call it a "haircut" since I just use the clippers and buzz him, but hey whatever you want to call it. So before we began I asked him if he was sure he wanted a 1/4" blade. The first time I had done his this year he told me that Kyle had used an 1/8". So that is what we used at that time and he looked bald. Well, tonight he assured me that 1/4 was the right one and even had the guard on it and ready for me to go. After the fact he agreed that we should have used the 1/2" guard, but hey he looked good. And he has a track meet tomorrow night so maybe it will help him run faster. Who knows. Me personally....if my hairdresser did this to me I believe there might be a lawsuit. Thank goodness I know that would NEVER happen-she is awesome! And good luck to this kid if he even thinks about suing the hand that feeds, clothes, etc, etc. him!!!! Good luck Ty and Wapsie Valley Warriors at Waukon! And Happy April Fools Day-watch out for the trickery.
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Sharon Madsen said...

I like it! Don't remember his hair being that long anyway.