Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Foto

This guy is picking me up Friday at 5 minutes to 5 to head to the river and our houseboats. Yep, Bruce is going to be busy working on countertops all weekend, and I am missing our boat, so I'm hitching a ride up with Louie. I will get some more cleaning done inside and sorting through crap, and maybe even scrape some paint on the walkways of the boat that need re-painting. I miss my boat and am not going to spend another weekend at home cleaning and doing laundry all weekend. I am so looking forward to a quiet, solo weekend just doing whatever the heck I want. And Bruce and the boys will fare just fine at home I am sure. Not sure what they will actually cook and eat, but hey, that isn't my problem. I feed them a good, hot meal every day that I am home. Everyone have a great weekend! I might even throw a fishing pole in the water like Bruce does! And I even bait my own hook and take my own fish off. Who needs a man anyways??????? I guess I do Friday afternoon unless I want to drive to the river myself. But I could if I wanted to!!!!!!

****Update-I'm not sure why the picture isn't showing up on this today. It was there last night when I uploaded it. I will try and check on it when I get home this afternoon. Don't have that picture on my work computer! Sorry! ****Update Update-Got it!!!!

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