Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Readlyn Hail

This is what we had laying in the grass after the hail hit. Bruce got his truck and Ty's Jeep under the carport, and my car was in the garage. It sounded pretty bad on the windows and such but really we didn't have it so bad. I told Bruce that maybe if it was really large hail the runabout would be wrecked and we'd just make an insurance claim and get a new fish & ski. He didn't like that idea. I guess he is maybe looking forward to getting it running and back at the river this year so the boys have something to come up more often for. We love having the houseboat to ourselves most weekends, but would love it if the boys showed up regularly instead of random. Glad that the severe storms didn't hit us too bad at our house and I hope that you weren't in the line of severe weather where you are either. Have a great hump day!
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Sharon Madsen said...

About the same here - but 2 days in a row for that hail!