Tuesday, April 13, 2010

River Weekend Opening Up Good Friday 2010

So I know there are a lot of pictures in this collage, but just click anywhere on it and it will make everything bigger. Probably larger than you want! These are the very first pictures that I took when we got up to our houseboat, and then the pictures of the cleaning and work that we did on Good Friday before we headed back home. The Nuk N Futz fared very well once again, and we are looking forward to moving it to our slip just as soon as we have power for the season. And check out our new table and chairs for the patio. We got them online through a link Louie sent us this winter delivered to our door for around $200. Very early this spring when we were at Home Depot they already had this same set on display for $399. We saved a ton of money! Remember that when shopping for outside furniture. Clearance and closeout stuff can save you a bunch. We cannot wait to get back to the boat, and finish getting her ready to go for the summer. Maybe this weekend? We will know soon. Checking the forecast and rather Helen & Louie are still planning on going! Happy Hump Day!
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