Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Night Homemade Pizza-Kyle Style

So I gave the guys their choice of burgers on the grill or homemade pizza and they chose pizza. Kyle decided that he was going to make it for me. So, I got the crust ready and spread out on the bricks, and then he went to town. I had the sausage browned, peppers and onions chopped, and everything else ready to go for him. Lets just say that I thought the pizza was the best ever. The boys however said that they couldn't tell the difference from mine. I think they were just being nice because Kyle seasoned the pizza sauce on his own, and I personally think that it had a little something that my normal out of the jar sauce doesn't. The pizza was great and I am so glad that he is interested in cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. His Grandpa Bill was a great cook and I'm hoping my boys will love creating things in the kitchen like I do. When you throw the right ingredients together how can you go wrong? Thank you Kyle for showing interest. It means the world to me. I will let you create and experiment in my kitchen anytime that you want. And your pizza blew mine away!
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