Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Monday

So Ava went to her first high school basketball game Saturday night and she was so good. And she had fun at our house before we left. Tyler told the team that she is now their good luck charm since they won in OT by 2 points. Guess Grandpa and Grandma might have to take her along to all of the home games for good luck! Not really. As fun as she is it is a lot of work. But she had a lot of fun and was such a good girl! Love you Ava tator. You were so much fun this weekend. Too bad you couldn't enjoy the homemade pizza Gma made for everyone. Someday soon we can feed you that too. I went out on a limb and made chicken bacon ranch pizza, taco pizza, and boring pepperoni pizza (for Taylor without knowing she loves taco!) and they were all awesome I am told. I only ate 2 pieces and I have to agree that I pretty much rock on the homemade pizza! Never knew taco and chicken bacon ranch could be so easy! Have a great week!
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