Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friday Foto

Just this cuteness for your Friday. Gizmo is finally accepting and liking Ava being around. I let her grab Gizmo a couple times and this was when Giz batted at her with her paw. Don't panic-Gizmo has no claws and really wouldn't hurt a flea. Gadget on the other hand I wouldn't even think of letting Ava try to "pet". Everyone have a great day and weekend. We are going to the WV game against NU and Ty just told me we better get there early because they bring a crowd. And rumor has it some technicals will probably be a part of the game. Might be very interesting. Usually we just go out towards the end of the girls game but we may have to go early to get a decent seat. Good luck WV boys. Play a good game and that is all that you can do! Clean play and sportsmanship are the most important things in any game. Some teams just don't know how to do that sadly. We always get some entertainment out of our coach so this should be a very interesting night if nothing else! Have a great weekend. We are looking forward to ours! Cannot wait to see our house boating friends.
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