Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday Foto

This was Ava's first bath last Friday at Grandma and Grandpa Odneal's house. She loved my big sink and definitely loves the water. She is such a loved little girl and her Momma is a great one that loves her dearly. When she is at our house she always reaches for me. Until Momma shows up that is! And we love her little "growl" that she does but I am glad I still got a couple of "oh's" out of her tonight. And she has figured out how to move in her walker that I have but just not real good at figuring out which way to go. She will be running all over in it way too soon. Glad that your Daddy brought you over tonight to visit and your Momma got a hot meal that she didn't have to hustle home to cook! Everyone have a great weekend. I am doing a "me" day Saturday and starting out with heading to town early to hit Goodwill and some other stores that I just need to check out all the clearance stuff. I haven't done that for a long time. Oh and a visit to my Hildegard will for sure be in order on the way home. Hopefully she is there. Happy Friday!
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