Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aldi's Flowers January 2012

So I didn't make it to Goodwill Saturday like I had planned because I was "shopped" and "peopled" out when I got done with everything else. Found some amazing deals at Kohl's and apparently saved $371.66 according to my receipt. Then I hit Sam's club for important stuff like vodka, whisky, fruit snacks, gushers, boneless pork chops, and Babybel cheese. Yep I think I grab the same stuff every time I am there. Oh well. My final stop was Aldi's for my regular groceries that I purchase there all of the time. As I came up to the checkout I remembered that I hadn't bought myself any flowers from there for quite a while. I grabbed a bouquet (not many choices to pick from I'm afraid) and split it into three vases when I got home. They look awesome and just make me smile when I see them. Apparently their flowers (Aldi's) draw people to my blog regularly so thought I would once again post about them and do an update in about two weeks when they look the same. Everyone have a great Monday and week. I had a great weekend but as usual it went way too fast. Oh and I made scotcharoos today and am thankful that I can burn some of that off tomorrow afternoon at Jazzercise. I didn't pig out on them but lets just say that I had a "few" slivers off and on througout the day! Happy Monday friends!
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