Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday Foto

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Ummmmm.......Bruce bought me this awesome stupid ass sewing machine for Christmas and I was so excited. Well last Sunday when we got back from the brunch I asked/told Helen she had to help me set it up since it has been probably almost 20 years since I had sewn. And my Momma was always there to help and fix problems. This is a picture of some of the test pieces we did when it worked right. Guess what? It is boxed up and going back tomorrow or this weekend as after Helen left the bobbin stupid thing fell again and I could not get it. I have tried every night this week to no avail. Even Ty (who had a semester of sewing and thought he might be able to help) tried and gave up. I HATE love this machine. Do not buy it! I will take my SIL Helen to help me pick out another one that I can operate. I used to love to sew and it cannot be that difficult to drop a bobbin in and thread the machine and GO! Everyone have a great Friday and weekend. Started back at Jazzercise this week and so excited to be back. Already losing those pounds I am determined to. Hoping to get back to posting this weekend sometime. Life is just busy. Enjoy yourselves. Life is way too short!  Enjoy every day as if it were your last.  Happy Friday!

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