Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday Night Small Town Fun

So the other night Tyler and about 14 others held a get together out in our shop and played a little poker. I love it when these boys can get together for hours and have some innocent fun playing cards and enjoying each others company. Bruce and I even heated up some Schwan's boneless buffalo chicken wingz and cream cheese wontons that noone at our house had been eating to make more room in the freezer. Apparently they were a hit because Ty said they were gone within two minutes of taking the platter out to the shop. The boys all bring some snacks and beverages to whatever house they decide to get together at. When you live in a small town and community like we do it is nice to see all of them get together and have fun without having to spend money! And they even clean up everything and pick up all the chairs when they are done. Definitely they can play at our place anytime!
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