Sunday, February 6, 2011

Portable Ice Maker

This is a new "toy" Bruce purchased that is for sure destined for the houseboat. It is a portable ice maker and we plan on saving a ton of money on ice this summer by making our own and not purchasing 2-3 bags per day from the marina. And the best part? We can sell it to all our relatives and only charge them half price of what they normally pay! Just kidding. I'm thinking our family and us will save a lot of money on ice this coming summer as we will have this plugged in and making ice pretty much all of the time we are in the marina, and every time we start the generator when staying out on the beach. It really worked quite well when we tried it out and makes ice very quickly. The only downside to it is that someone has to empty it out every time it dumps.  But the up side?  The ice cubes are really cute and fun and fit on my pinky!  Yep doesn't take much to amuse me.  Have a happy Monday and a great week!
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