Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fotos

This is what our upstairs can look like when we get a blizzard and Bruce ventures out to retrieve two of Ty's buddies to come over and game at our house. We had a TV repairman coming to fix Kyle's TV (one of the TV's they gamed with) and I went upstairs to tell them to bring it down before he got there. Well the boys had all left to go play some pick up basketball games so noone was upstairs to carry the TV down for me. I was afraid that I would drop it so called Bruce to come home and carry it for me. After I had grabbed my camera to take pictures of course of the disaster that was Ty's bedroom. The cleanest part of the upstairs (besides the office) was Kyle's old bedroom where they slept. Thank goodness they didn't game and take over both rooms. I cleaned up cans and wrappers but the rest is up to Ty. I'm guessing if I walk back up there right now it doesn't look much different except for the one missing TV that is now downstairs waiting for parts to be completely repaired. Everyone have a great weekend and stay warm!

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Sharon Madsen said...

I've been meaning to ask you - Davids TV of less than a year is broke and no warranty- insurance covers it?

trash said...

Delighted at your excitement expressed over at Mrs.G's Manor.