Thursday, February 17, 2011


Everyone says that if you put my hair or Cole's hair on the other we would pretty much look like twins. I guess our faces are pretty much exactly the same. We would both like them to look thinner I know but I have to admit that this picture from last Sunday is a nice one. And we even captured Bruce rolling out the pizza dough for my homemade pizza in the background. Cole and Ashley took us out for lunch on Sunday and we went to Menards to look at their shower surround, and then went to the Isle Casino to gamble a little. I played on the nickel machine for quite a long time while Cole was playing Black Jack but I ended up putting it all back in even though at one point I was like 6 times ahead. It was a very good time though and Bruce and I didn't lose any amount that we would feel bad about. But no we certainly didn't win big either. I'm usually the lucky one and it just wasn't happening for me. But the bonus of the day and weekend for me was that we stopped by to see Louie & Helen and had a nice visit with them. I didn't realize that Ashley had never been out there to see their awesome acreage. If their house was larger I think I know a couple that would love to have it and raise their kids there! And if there wasn't so much yard to upkeep it would be a perfect place for Bruce and I. Oh well. Guess we will have to look for something else. We need a ranch and not much yard with our old bones and knees!
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