Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Latest Best Purchase EVER!!!

I've recently decided that I have wanted a pair of these rain boots/slickers/golashes/rubber slickers/whatever you want to call them for a very long time. But even at Wally World they wanted around $30 for a pair. I just couldn't justify it because I'm cheap and don't usually spend that on shoes period unless it is my tennis/workout shoes that need to be GOOD shoes! But a couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my friend and haven't been in Maurices for quite a while. Well, they had lots of boots and they were only $29! I just HAD to have a pair for myself. And I love them! Score me and Maurices. Because of course I didn't just buy my new spring boots but I also bought a new spring top ensemble and necklace (which by the way might still go back because when I put it on I felt like an old lady but I refuse to try on crap in the crappy store lights so it is hanging in my closet), and got some awesome discount cards for the next time I'm there. Oh and the rug I am standing on in my kitchen is new also but really doesn't go too well with all of my other kitchen rugs. But I like it so for now it is there.  Gizmo likes it too. And look how great my slickers look standing on it in my favorite room of my house ever! Well most times that is!  Yep great purchase I made! Have a great day.
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Sharon Madsen said...

Glad you saved a buck! LOL, you're hilarious