Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Foto

This is a picture that Ashley sent me from a laptop computer Jr. gave them. It is a picture of the "previously little" Gizmo being held by Bruce the night that they caught her in Jr & Joey's backyard. Wasn't she just so sweet looking and cute? Her face is the same but I have to admit that she probably weighed less than a pound here and now the big girl is about 13 pounds and very fluffy. I think she looks heavier than she really is though because when I give her a bath she looks like a pretty skinny drowned rat. I mean cat. Until she dries out and then looks like a plump fur ball again! At least she has stayed fun even though she couldn't stay little! Everyone have a great weekend. I need to spend some much needed cleaning time on my house. Last weekend we played too much and I neglected her!
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