Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day

A very Happy Valentines belated wish to everyone. The owner/instructor of my Jazzercise brought us all these Monday afternoon when we were doing our ender. If you click on it you can read the neat phrase on it. I brought cupcakes to the guys at work and never ate a one, but as I'm sweaty and finishing my Monday afternoon workout I get given two Hershey's kisses by a very fit Jazzercise guru. Thanks a lot! Just kidding! It was very nice and no harm done. I did great and actually had only one of those kisses on Tuesday afternoon when I got home. It got rid of my sweet craving and made balancing my checkbook a little more bearable (I HATE balancing my checkbook). Everyone enjoy the 50 degree weather we are getting blasted with the next couple of days because come the weekend you will need some kisses to keep you warm and cozy!
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Mrs. G. said...

Happy Hump Day to you too. Friday is just a couple of steps away!