Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heart Shaped Potato

You know all those people that sell bread and other stuff shaped like Jesus (or other shapes) on EBAY? Well, the other night when I was preparing supper I found this "heart" shaped potato and told Bruce we ought to put it on EBAY. Of course I was joking but in the end I ended up not cutting it up with the other potatoes. It was spared. I don't know if I thought maybe Bruce would put it on EBAY just to see if any crazy people bid on it or what. Well, it never got put up for sale so tonight it became supper. And what a great supper it made! Okay it probably didn't make the supper but it helped. Why do weird shaped vegetables intrigue all of us? And why do people pay money for these crazy things? And why does this topic even deserve a blog post? EXACTLY! Enough said.
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