Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Foto

So did you see the news tonight? Yep, apparently a barge "hit" the Lansing bridge this afternoon and it is closed until it can be examined. Here is a picture from vacation of the bridge and guess what? It looked exactly like this on all the news cast reports tonight. Only difference is there was a full barge driven by apparently a "tired" captain sideways right along the bridge. On the 10 o'clock news tonight they said that it hit the cement (rubber I call it) dolphin so it did not hurt the bridge at all. I personally was hoping the bridge was had since I cannot stand to drive over, ride under, ski under, etc. this "beautiful" bridge. I am personally open to a brand new one!!!!! But really I am kidding because I know it is a landmark and all kinds of stuff I guess. But my life really wouldn't be damaged if this bridge didn't exist. However, I totally REFUSE to not have that "rubber dolphin" out there for my enjoyment! Everyone have a great Friday and weekend!!!!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Great shot of 'the bridge'!