Friday, July 16, 2010

3 Years Ago Today

Yep, three years ago today at 10:16 am I smoked my very last cigarette FOREVER! (at least I feel it is forever!) It is funny I chose this picture for this blog post, but this was a cross left on our sandbar by a bible camp when we pulled in to start our vacation. We (I) thought it was pretty neat, so snapped a few pictures of it stuck in the sand looking over our houseboat and spot. I really feel that maybe if my Mom would have quit when she was younger and stayed quit that maybe, just maybe, she might still be with us today. It is a terribly bad habit and I wish anyone great luck in quitting. I apparently am very fortunate in quitting cold turkey because after about a week or two I'm good to go. Must be because I am so damn stubborn! And the only other time I had quit before this I only made it a little over 8 months and got depressed because I gained weight. This time I am very happy to just be over the addiction and can deal with not being the exact size I was when I was 18! My kids, husband, and family are too important to worry about a few extra pounds. Happy Quitting Anniversary to ME!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Now if we could just get your Brother to quit! Good for YOU though!