Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Dinner #19

Well seriously I know that he's had 19 "birthday dinners" but let's face it that the first years were definitely not memorable to him or me. So I made Kyle's belated birthday supper and cheesecake tonight since we got home later last night from the river. I always make a cheesecake for all 3 of our boys as that is what they request. And tonight we grilled bacon wrapped sirloins and they were awesome. Bruce was worried they were overcooked waiting for the garlic bread, but they were actually PERFECT! Kyle nor any of us were hungry for the cheesecake after supper though, so I guess we will actually have some tomorrow. Kyle and I are going to get the rest of his list of stuff he needs for his house tomorrow after I take Ty for his sports physical in the afternoon. I can't believe Kyle is moving out again next weekend, but this time I will just be able to let him use the truck to move his stuff out of my living room and can visit him next week to check out the new place. I think it will be much better than when we moved him to the dorm and I had to hold it together when we left because let's just say that Taylor was way not going to be able to keep it together! Thank goodness we all made it through that and now her and I can visit him anytime since he is only like 25 minutes away instead of an hour! Hope you enjoyed your dinner Kyle. Love you! And I promise that I will call before I visit and I'm pretty sure that Taylor doesn't have to. Oh, and Helen wants to see it next week so you've been warned!!!!! Keep it clean the first week at least. After that just keep it clean because you know that I would!!!!!
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Sharon Madsen said...

yum, looks good! Davids birthday lunch was Quiznos, cuz that's the kinda Mom I am!