Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fish Fly Hatch #8,974

It really hasn't been that many, but man this year has not been good to us boaters in the marina. One morning while we were on vacation we woke up to a huge fish fly hatch. Bruce power washed everyone's boats and the dock for over 3 hours. I walked out of the a/c and took pictures of a few of the piles and I think going from the cool to the humidity made my lens a little foggy. We have had a few more hatches since vacation, but now I brought up 60 gallon garbage bags that cover our lights perfectly. So hopefully when we have a heads up and get the bags on before they are out too thick we will keep them away from Dock #1 and send them elsewhere! I guess I wouldn't want to be elsewhere anymore!!!! I really think the city and marina messed up by not putting shut offs on the lights. The street lights in town have them after all. What were they thinking? Apparently they weren't! Hoping we are now done with the fish flies for this year!
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TRICH said...

Bet my boat is looking great since I have not been there for 2 weeks. I will plan on spending the weekend cleaning it...or I will just stay home....NOT

Sharon Madsen said...

ugghhh I hate em!