Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do We Have To Really Do This Again????

So Kyle is moving into his rented house this weekend and getting this "stuff" out of my dining/first living room. I think we bought more stuff for him moving into a house than into his dorm. But as you can see by these pics I will be glad to have this room back so that I can put normal stuff back in and hang some new pictures on the walls. I have put up with this furniture for far too long. And it smelled of stale cigarettes very bad for a while. The last thing a former smoker wants to smell in their own house everyday is stale smoke. So I wiped it all down with Fabuloso and sprayed the crap out of it and we were able to tolerate it for now. So Kyle and I both agreed in a way that we are sad about him moving out again, but I think his is totally because "his room" will no longer be "his". It is totally turning into my extra bedroom that looks nice just in case we have company that stays. Yep, I'm going to miss him like crazy but he will be a lot closer this year, and can run home for a Mom home cooked meal anytime that he wants to! And I am so glad that we now are going to the houseboat this weekend so that I don't have to be here and be the mother hen directing everything this weekend. I love you middle child and wish you the best in your new digs! And I bet your forgot your lunch meat out of the freezer, didn't you? See you wish I was there already!!!!!!!
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