Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fotos

This is our good friend Steve at the river (and his friend Billy that was here for the weekend to visit). You've seen pictures posted on here before of his famous wonderful parties he throws. Yes, he is the one that has the house on a bluff along the river and I ALWAYS take photos of people and the view from his deck. Well we see Steve pretty much every weekend and have NEVER seen him get on a tube and go behind a boat. It was so fun to watch them out on the water having fun. If you look closely at the bottom right picture, Steve is holding his watch up so it doesn't get wet. Apparently he doesn't have a Citizen watch like me, because I dive in all the time and forget about having it on, and have never had to worry about it except for a battery. Although I highly doubt that Steve's watch is a Citizen. It is probably a watch way more expensive than I can afford! But we love him and his friends just the same. Everyone have a great weekend!
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Sharon Madsen said...

That's a great pic on the left - I hope you show it to him, he'll probably want a print!