Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Hump Day

So my Chiefs coach got fired. Well at least I know that Bruce totally knew what he was talking about when he was yelling profanities and "Haley needs to be fired" at the TV on Sunday. I cannot even write all of the other words he was yelling at that 50" screen. Okay our Chiefs aren't doing so great and at one point we ended up leading our division this season. What happened? I don't know. But I think the biggest upset of the season will come this weekend when we kick the Packers ass. Yep I said it! This bad boy will be lit up in all his glory in my window once again and I will be Christmas shopping and not have to witness the ugliness if it turns out to be a very different outcome from what I above predicted. Hey one can always hope and have confidence, right? I always say how I never win anything and won an awesome giveaway on a blog I follow Friday so anything can happen. More on that when I get my loot! It is freakin' awesome. Have a great Wednesday and rest of the week. Trying to get ready for our O Christmas Saturday and just not enough time in a day. Guess what I get ready will be what we have. It will all be good! Always is.
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