Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday Foto

It is deer hunting season around our house and when coverall bibs and stuff gets layed out and tried on Gizmo decides to get comfy. She actually ended up crawling down the leg and checking it out. Yep she is a character. Enjoyed having Ava here Wednesday and Thursday but this Grandma is whooped and needs to hit the hay. Have my work Christmas party tomorrow night which we will make an early night since the deer hunters need to get up so early. And doing some of my fun Christmas baking on Saturday (possibly with Ashley and Ava!) so I'm looking forward to the weekend. Also looking forward to sleeping in a bit each day. And I'm hoping for some big deer to get shot by our group, but also will be praying that all hunters this weekend stay safe. I know my guys have their blazing orange ready! Everyone have a great weekend! Can't wait to share my baked goodies with family and friends! Gimme time in my kitchen cooking anything and I am a happy gal!
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