Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday Fotos

So we had the O family Christmas last Saturday at the Ponderosa (aka Sharon & Bart's cool house) and had a wonderful prime rib prepared by Chef Bart. Everything was awesome as usual and I think noone went home hungry. If they did they didn't eat enough! Everyone had a good time and we got our "happy new year" cards done within about 3 minutes outside. Yep that is the way my boys like to do pictures. So anyone wondering where their Christmas card from us is (as we ALWAYS send one-hello photographer Sharon in the family!!!) it will be sent out next week before the New Year! Can't wait to see how many people weren't going to send us a card and then get ours and send a Christmas card afterwards. Yep good friend gauge for sure! So Bruce is already off after today until January 3rd and after tomorrow I am for the most part off until then too. I am going in a couple of times to check mail, emails, make sure V gets payroll done and pays bills, and just am on call if my bosses need something done. I'm only 15 minutes away so as long as they don't call late afternoon after a few holiday cocktails it will all be good!  And if they do they are out of luck. Bruce and I ARE SPENDING AT LEAST ONE DAY IN SWEATS/JAMMIES WATCHING MOVIES AND VEGGING! I never sit down and relax and he pretends to work very hard in his shop most nights so we are doing this. I already told him I have an idea for one movie I want to see. Guess what he said? "So you get to pick all the movies too?". That wasn't what I had in mind I just don't watch movies so I was thinking out loud. That always gets me in trouble! Dang! Okay so I'm done shopping completely and everything is wrapped. Kitchen floor got a much needed scrubbing tonight and tomorrow night I will get my food prepared for our Christmas with the kids Saturday afternoon before they all mostly have to leave for other commitments. Upside is we will have all the leftovers and get to watch our Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders again! What's that Packers? You want a redo? Too bad. Everyone have a great weekend, Christmas, and New Year. I don't think I will post much at all before the new year but then again B & I will be spending 10 days together and my attic isn't that dirty. I will have some free time. Maybe I should start that scrapbook for my Ava. Or just do Ty's last two years of sports stuff I am behind on. See there I go already making plans to work my butt off on my xmas break. Yes my OCD might certainly be a problem. My next post will probably be how organized everything in my house is. Sorry ahead of time!
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