Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday Foto

This was the last regular Thursday for Grandma to pick up little Ava from daycare today. Here is just one picture I snapped of the big girl tonight. I will miss having her 2 afternoon/evenings per week, but man I cannot wait to get back to "my" schedule and going to Jazzercise 3 afternoons per week. Miss the class and all of my friends. So glad Ashley was able to finish her teaching certification and very proud of her! Now she starts her working full time and just maybe the PERFECT full time teaching job will show up for her so that she and Ava can enjoy the time off for holidays and summer together. Oh and maybe some little siblings for my favorite granddaughter! I think she will need a baby brother soon! No pressure or anything. Everyone have a great weekend. We have our O. family Christmas and I actually took the day off to get everything done and ready. Not used to having a baby anymore and sadly my stuff wasn't ready so I will be enjoying not having to wake up to that alarm, but also working my ass off all day long to get stuff ready before heading to the country for the WV basketball game against my old stomping grounds DNH. Go Warriors!
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