Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Over & Out Until The New Year

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!  I am so enjoying being off work for 10 days with Bruce.  We actually did spend yesterday afternoon (after a big breakfast with the boys) watching movies all day long.  We decided after the fact we should have traded off couches so we didn't feel "couch butt" on the same cheek.  If we would have moved around regularly we wouldn't have that.  We know now that if we are fortunate enough to get one of those days again this week we need to do that!  So anyway for the most part our Christmas was awesome.  All our kids and their significant others should feel like we gave them a great Christmas.  And I do know that most of them do for sure!  I know when I was their ages I didn't get anything near what they do.  Our family is both blessed and spoiled.  Most of us know that we are far too fortunate during the holidays!  I probably will not post again until the new year so just wanted to do a post and tell everyone that I hope Santa brought you what you needed and/or wanted and have a very blessed New Year!  I am looking forward to 2012.  Opened Ava's college savings account today and couldn't believe how much money her froggy bank had in it!  Going to have to keep stealing Grandpa's change and putting it in there.  Oh and we all (Bruce, Me, Kyle, Taylor, and Tyler) all stopped by to see Grandpa & Grandma Odneal on our way home from the Caley Christmas as they were heading out today to Texas for the winter.  They were very happy that we all did since they are usually already down there on Christmas and spent the day by themselves.  So glad that we did stop.  We heard from them today and they are on their way and doing good.  I just realized how long this post is so I will just end it and say that I will be posting regular again after the New Year!  Everyone enjoy you holidays with your loved ones.  My Christmas crap is in the totes and ready to go to the attic when I get up there and spend the day cleaning it out tomorrow.  Look out fire ring because there is some crap to burn and get rid of!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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