Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Foto

Her Momma & Missy kept it from me that they were letting her have real snacky foods. So I've been hiding mine in the pantry from her Momma because it said they could have when they were having solid food. Well she isn't quite there yet but the girl likes to eat her baby jar food. So once I knew they were giving them to her I let her have her wafer things that I got and she LOVED them! Of course I tried them first to make sure they did disappear in the mouth like they claimed. I also wanted to make sure they didn't taste like crap. To me they tasted like communion wafers. But Ava liked them so much I am going to look for the vegetable flavored ones this weekend when I pick her up some more food. She was a good little girl tonight as usual but had about 35 minutes of screaming and yelling that Grandma couldn't help at all. She was pulling at her ears off and on and some baby tylenol seemed to make her feel better. And of course when her Momma got here to pick her up she was all happy! Hopefully the ear thing isn't infection and she just "found" them tonight! Otherwise I'm afraid her Momma is in for a long weekend. Everyone have a good one. Going to watch Ty and the WV boys play some basketball at Hudson. Go Warriors!
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