Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Monday

Tyler went to the doctor Friday afternoon and found out he has strep throat after complaining of a sore throat for two weeks. Yep no mother of the year award here. He didn't have a fever though and I always thought that was part of strep. Anyway he is on antibiotics and hopefully on the mend. Had Ava's baptism Sunday and that went well and it was nice spending time with Ashley's side of the family. Her dad and stepmom had a great get together at their house afterwards. Finally got to meet my great niece Braelyn (not sure of spelling) and she is a sweet cabbage patch doll. I mean that with love! So I'm whipped and feel like my weekend went way too fast and need to switch out laundry so everyone have a great week. I get to pick Aviator up M, W, and Th this week so doubt I will get much done around here this week. Although if Grandpa isn't busy out in his shop he is a great babysitting partner and helper. And I've been better lately about not having EVERYTHING perfect around this place each night with Ava spending a lot of time here. That is probably good for me and my anxiety problem. Have a great Monday all!
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