Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ava and Carrots

Sunday Ashley fed Ava carrots for the first time. She loved them! She is getting so big and is so fun to be around. I love the weekends now that our houseboating season is done because we seem to get to spend most of it with Ava around at our house. She is precious. Anyone (all 5 or 10 of you that I know of) that visits my blog for the funny sleeping pictures or the home improvement pictures should just get used to the "Ava" pictures. Cuz she will be on here regular for a very long time. Like forever. Everyone have a great Thursday. And yep I will be picking up the little sweetie today from her awesome babysitter's. Lucky me!  She was a blast to have Wednesday and Grandpa and I spent a ton of time with her making her laugh.  We even took a small road trip a few blocks away.  She entertained everyone while we were there.  And I love her floor time and rolling over all the time.  Okay I'll quit.  I might attempt a Target trip and visit to Great Grandma & Grandpa Odneal when I pick her up.  We will see how her mood was for the day first!  Been a long time since I shopped with a baby.  Her Momma says she loves it.  Lets hope so if I attempt it!
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