Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Foto & Fun

Went with Bruce and Kyle to sight in their shotguns for deer hunting next weekend. It was a great day after Thanksgiving. Got to sleep in this morning, watch part of the Iowa game (switched to Lifetime when we were getting smoked), and made bean and ham soup with leftover ham from yesterday. And now sitting on the couch watching crap (Bruce is in charge of the controller at this point and picks stupid shows!), but having a GREAT long weekend. Going to my bro Bart and SIL Sharon's tomorrow morning to order some pictures of little Aviator and spend some time on the Ponderosa. Looking forward to it. I love that place. Also bringing Bart some leftover deviled eggs and pumpkin bars since I failed to send any of them with him when they left. Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend. I need to now get online and try to score a cheap sewing machine at Wally World since Taylor didn't make it there today. Yep my mother in heaven is now clapping her hands wildly that I have decided that if I had a new machine I will actually sew. The antique in the attic just doesn't cut it for sewing things. I don't even know how to get started and she isn't here to ask how to even thread the bobbin. Have a great weekend everyone! And thank you Ty for standing in line for 3 hours to get your own Christmas present laptop last night. You rock!
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Sharon Madsen said...

Brrrr.... it looks cold! Looks like you should try deer hunting!