Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Hump Day

So you may have heard (well anyone with teenage boys that love Call of Duty) that MW 3 came out at midnight Monday.  Well Tyler and his friend Stoner were 2nd in line at the Waterloo Game Stop store.  Apparently they dropped back to 9th because of something (a competition in line maybe) but they were there plenty early to get their reserved games.  And they of course gamed all night after they got home.  Ty tells me that they didn't buy these shirts and  pants (his credit card statement will verify that I hope) but that a certain amount of the first people in line got them.  And they wore them to school today and a friend actually posted it to their FB so I had to steal it for a post.  I really have to laugh at this picture first because they actually wore them to school, and second because I am betting neither one of them had seen sleep since Sunday night.  And that is if they could sleep from the excitement of knowing MW3 was coming out the next day.  I will end this with saying that Kyle got home tonight and pretty much ran upstairs to play his game for the first time.  And yep it is time for me to go to bed and I can hear them both upstairs playing.  Hopefully they both get some sleep tonight because I am ready.  And I didn't stand outside in line for 4-5 hours.  Crazy!  Have a great Wednesday all.

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