Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Monday

Had a very nice four day weekend even though it was also a lot of work. Made sure to enjoy it and do some of my "stuff". Wish I would have gotten my scrapbooking armoire cleaned out and straightened up but that just didn't happen. Here is a picture of Ava and Mommy on Thanksgiving. She got her first mashed potatoes with gravy and a taste of pumpkin pie. And she so loved sucking on the butter on Grandma's bun. This weekend made me reflect on how blessed we truly are to be surrounded with great family and friends. When we feel down about things going on in our lives, remember those that are so less fortunate. I am feeling blessed to have a nice home to lay our heads each night, plenty of food to eat, and heat to warm not only our home but also our shop that Bruce works in after work. When I think of what we do have throwing a dollar or more in that red kettle everytime I go into a store doesn't seem like enough. I guess we could probably all do more. And I worry about the small stuff all the time. There is so much more. Yes I am thankful for our family. Everyone have a great week. I cannot believe Christmas is so close. Guess I'd better think about getting the Charlie Brown tree down from the attic. I'm sure my boys (men) will be thrilled! I guess if they want go cut one down for me this year I will let them. Otherwise Charlie Brown it is! I always make it look good. Just sayin'! And I could put that money we save from not cutting one down in that red kettle, right? Have a good Monday!
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